1. (a) write down 2 distinguishing features between ATP and ADP. [2] 1. (b) Is there any difference between cellular respiration and photosynthesis? Justify your answer in no more than 4 sentences. [2] 1. (c) What makes aerobic respiration different from anaerobic respiration? Mention 2 such major distinguishing features. [2]

2. (a) Define chromosome and gene. [1+1] 2. (b) Show different allele combinations for Tall (T) character and mention their allele types. [2] 2. (c) The following is the diagram of a pair of chromosomes. Identify a pair of alleles, a gene locus and three pairs of genes. [2]

6 points

3. (a) Write down the two important differences between the first phase of mitosis and the first phase of meiosis cell division. [2] 3. (b) What makes HeLa cells different from any other cell types? What kind of cell division takes place in a HeLa cell line grown in a laboratory? [1+1] 3. (c) How many chromosomes are there in 4 duplicated chromosomes? [2]

4. (a) Write down two key features of DNA double helix. [2] 4. (b) Explain why DNA replication is semi-conservative in nature (maximum 100 words). [2] 4. (c) What would happen if a prokaryotic cell didn’t have the DNA polymerase enzyme? [2]

5. (a) What type of mutation occurred in the figure? Explain your reason within 100 words. [2] 5. (b) Give a real life example of this type of mutation. [2] 5. (c) Do you think any other type of DNA disorder can occur in the mentioned sequence due to the environmental causes? Why/Why not? Explain your reason within 100 words. [2]

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