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Description Choose one of the following: 1) After Sal Aurigemma received his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii, he became a professor at the University of Tulsa. There, he introduced the school to Aloha Friday, when people come to work in their colorful Aloha shirts. He got the idea of creating Aloha shirts with Tulsa’s school colors and an emblem of the university on the shirt pocket. Suppose that he wants to create a company to sell school-specific Aloha shirts to other universities. He will need a company name and a second-level domain name. Go to an Internet domain name registrar. Thoughtfully come up with three appropriate and available domain names. Explain why each is good. Select one and explain why it is the best. 2) Your computer sends a DNS server message to your local DNS server. After an unusually long time, your computer receives a DNS response message that the hostname in your request message does not exist. This is a host you use every day. List problems that may have happened. (Draw the picture.) Which is the most likely to have caused the long delay and failure to find your host’s IP address? How would you test it? Requirements: The body of your document should be two to three pages (APA formatted)text. You must use a minimum of two sources (you may include your textbook as one of your sources but you must find an additional source.) You must include at least one citation to support what you are saying. The pictures must have proper networking symbols, please don’t use boxes. To submit your work, click on the assignment name and attach your document. To view a copy of the rubric used for this assignment, click on the following link: Writing Assignment Rubric This assignment must have at least two full pages of text, a title page, and use the references style listed in the syllabus.
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