ENVE 2610 Spring 2021

ENVE 2610 Spring 2021
Final Project: Energy Brief
Due Electronically: Not Later Than 5:00 PM, 7-May-2021
This is an individual project
This project is focused on issues related to the transition to low-carbon power generation.
This is not an editorial, op-ed or commentary reflecting simply your opinion. This is a technical brief
you should approach from the perspective of an engineer who has been charged with researching an
issue, educating an audience of policymakers/decisionmakers, identifying constraints associated with
the issue, and making recommendations to that audience for transitioning to a low-carbon power
generation future. Your recommendations should include objectives and implementable steps that can
be taken for achieving those objectives, along with the technical, social, economic and political
challenges associated with implementing those steps. Full and complete disclosure of positives and
negatives should underpin your brief.
As such, your brief should include data to support the rationale for the issue you have selected.
Suggested Topics
1. Germany’s Energiewende
• Data source: https://www.energy-charts.de/index.htm
2. Providing electricity to millions of people throughout the world who currently have little or no
3. Current or recently proposed policy concepts in the U.S. For example:
• US Energy and Commerce CLEAN Future Act
• The Green New Deal (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY)
• Manhattan Project (Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-TN)
• A Framework for Climate Action in the U.S. Congress (Rep. Paul Tonko, D-NY)
• Green Real Deal (Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-FL)
• 100 by 50: Transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 (Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-OR)
• Other
4. Nuclear power
• Current technologies and advanced Generation-IV technologies
5. Renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass) and battery storage
6. Natural gas
7. Carbon capture and storage
8. Other
1. A 3-4 page Energy Brief (excluding reference section)
• Microsoft Word Format
• 10-point font, Verdana, 1.5 line spacing
• Page numbers, bottom-right
• Introduction
• Individual sections
• Conclusion(s)
• References (not included in the 3-4 page limit)
2. Supporting data
• Original table, graph
• Neatly and professionally formatted
• Not copied and pasted from a separate source
3. References
• Noted in the main text and fully cited in a closing reference section
ENVE 2610 Spring 2021
Final Project: Energy Brief
Due Electronically: Not Later Than 5:00 PM, 7-May-2021
Note: All electronic file submissions must conform to the format as explained in the syllabus (example
below) and must be emailed to Gattie (dgattie@uga.edu) not later than 5:00 PM on May 7, 2021. Any
electronic files that do not conform to formatting requirements, will receive a letter grade deduction.
No late submissions will be accepted.
Lastname Firstname ENVE 2610 Energy Brief Title
Gattie David ENVE 2610 Power Generation
Your grade will be based on completeness, thoroughness, grammar, brief appearance, adherence to
guidelines, demonstrated grasp of the topic and evidence of having conducted your own outside
research. Keep in mind that this is not an opinion piece—this is a technical brief of professional
recommendations that should be supported by facts, pragmatism and reality.

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