Final Argumentative Research Paper

Title Final Argumentative Research Paper
Assignment type Research Paper
Discipline English Language
Description • Your paper should be on a topic of your choosing; the topic should be something in which you have a genuine interest. • Your paper must include a thesis statement, which explains clearly the purpose of the paper. Because you are writing for an academic audience, you are expected to contribute to the ongoing academic conversation about your topic. Therefore, rather than making an obvious argument that has already been made many times by many others, you should try to take a fresh, illuminating approach to the topic. • While the majority of the paper will be catered to your “side,” you must also carefully consider the inclusion of the “other side” (refutation). • Your paper must have a strong introduction and conclusion. Don’t forget how important personal experience can be. • Your paper must have solid main points. All main points must relate to the thesis statement and must be backed up by outside sources. • You should draw your own conclusions and incorporate your opinion into this paper. However, all opinions should be backed up with evidence. • Your paper must be entirely in proper MLA format, including in-text citations for all facts, proper quotations and paraphrasing, proper paper setup, and an accurate Works Cited page. • Your paper must be 6-8 pages, and you must include a minimum of 6 sources in this paper, although you are permitted to include up to 8 sources. Each source should clearly relate to your focused research and thesis. You should use most of the sources you collected for your annotated bibliography, although you may also replace some and use new sources if you choose. Personal interviews and surveys count as sources. If you choose to use graphics (visual aids), good, but they do not count as part of the 6-8 pages. • Grammar, mechanics and punctuation must be correct and clear.
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