Narrative essay

An essay in which you tell a personal story and make a point is called a narrative essay. The purpose of this narrative is to entertain and expound on the significance of the experience. Narrative essay give you a chance to display your writing skills clearly and entertainingly. A writer is expected to think about where their story begins and ends and convey their idea engagingly.

A narrative essay contains detailed narratives of events, interactions, and experiences during a particular period. It includes a vivid plot.

How to write a narrative essay?

In college and high school, you write numerous kinds of academic essays. Narrative essays are the most basic types of academic essays. It is write just like a simple story. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing an outstanding essay.

Typically, a five-paragraph narrative essay has one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. If necessary, you can change the number of body paragraphs according to the topic.

It typically consists of these five elements: plot, characters, setting, conflict, and theme.

  • Plot

It is what you intend to share in your story. It is a representation of the events that occurr in your account.

  • Characters

Your characters are the people involve in the incident. You need to mention every one of them, regardless of whether they are primary or side characters.

  • Setting

The setting is the specific location in which the event took place. It could be your house, a school, or almost anywhere you happened to be at the time.


  • Conflict

It is a problem that the characters face during the incident. A moment of tension in the story is considered a conflict that needs to be resolved.

  • Theme

A narrative essay’s theme elaborates on the writer’s reasons for choosing the topic and the story’s overall purpose.

How long should an article be?

The narrative essay needs to be structured according to academic rules. Not only should you follow the rules of academic writing, but you also need to write a conclusion. Please explain why the story is meaningful and what the audience might want to do after reading it.

Purpose of a narrative

The purpose of narrative essays is all about telling a story to your readers. That’s their whole point. In addition to writing about your personal experience, you also ought to explain to readers why your account is essential to share.

Example of narrative

Narrators are people who recount events. The following is an example of a narrator telling the story from his point of view: I’m going to share a story with you. The story isn’t easy to follow since it’s about one of the worst things that ever happened to me.

How to conclude a narrative essay?

As an alternative to projecting time forward, reveal the final scene in real-time. It would help if you described a specific physical action or a verbal exchange, or a combination of those to give the reader a solid sense of closure. The conclusion should make the reader feel, not dictate.

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